Portable measuring devices

IRPI CNR has different portable measuring devices, mainly used for mapping geomorphological and geological features, and for field measuring activities.

Instruments for mapping activities include:

  • 1 GPS/GLONASS Dual-Frequency receiver with real-time RTK correction capability (Leica Smart Antenna ATX1230 GG);

  • 2 GPS/GLONASS Single-Frequency receivers with real-time RTK correction capability (Leica Leica Zeno GS15) with 1 passive GPS receiver (Leica AS05);

  • 2 GPS code receivers (Garmin GPSMAP 60 CS);

  • 1 binocular laser range finder (Vectronix VECTOR IV) capable of measuring distance, azimuth and elevation to targets up to 7km;

  • 1 field tablet PC (Xplore Technologies iX104C4 Rugged Tablet PC).

Instruments for field measures include:

  • 1 laser distancemeter (Leica Disto D8);

  • 3 portable TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) instruments (Soilmoisture Equipment Corp - Mini-Trace) for soil moisture measurements.

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