With the category of "researcher" - we define an expert with extensive and deep knowledge on the broad field of hydrogeological risks and hazards. He 's interested in particular to obtain information and data to be processed on its own, in conjunction with other data and information already in its possession.

A researcher can access the data for display and perform their own calculations.

The availability of discovery services based on metadata catalogs allows the researcher to discover the existence of the data and obtain useful information.

The layers concerning the catalogs of landslides event is fully hosted in relational databases that allow one ore more researchers (even contemporary) to update the data which is automatically converted to OGC services and WebGIS layers.

Access to data is ensured by the OGC standards:   

  • For access to (confidential) data services via WCS:
  • For access to (confidential) data services via WFS:
  • To access data via WMS services:
  • To access the WPS services:
  • To access the catalog and to view data on Google Earth:
  • To access data in relational databases PotgreSQL / PostGIS contact the institution

Support for the use of WPS and WMS services

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