Guido Bongi


Then: Degree in chemistry at University of Perugia on 1972 on cosmopetrography referenced thesis about the origin of tektites by their flight ablation modelling, CNR permanent researcher in 1977, research director in 2004. International and MIUR consultant for plant physiology and applied biostatistics, Mediterranean evergreens and stress. Permanent member of olive and oil academy in Spoleto. Scientist with grant at London University Wye College, Wurzburg University Botany, Australian National University RSBS of Canberra, University of Essex Applied Biology, Synchrotron light lab of CNRS LURE Orsay, INRA PIAF at Clermont Ferrand, NCSU horticulture at Raleigh.


Present: Plant biophysics applied to soil holding capacity, root structure and function, soil electrical impedance and capacitance, slope history after ash and coal deposition patterns, vegetation biodiversity, symbioses, wet soil aggregation factors, bio-molecular geology.

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