Ivan Marchesini

Ivan Marchesini


From 2011: Geo-spatial data technician at IRPI CNR

From 2012-12-31: Researcher

Via Madonna Alta, 126
Perugia , Italy 06128
Office Phone: +39 075-5014430


  1. Degree (cum laude) in Geology, University of Perugia (Italy) in 1999
  2. PhD in Applied Geology in 2003 at University of Perugia (Italy)
  3. Post-doc researcher (2004-2007) at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Perugia University
  4. Post-doc researcher (2009-2011) at the IRPI CNR


Academic and professional interests

He has worked on the topics of:

  • GIS data analysis with open source instruments,
  • management and publication of spatial data,
  • the sediments production from the hillslopes,
  • the sediment transport on the rivers,
  • the river bed sediment analysis,
  • the relevance of the grain size on the estimation of bedload transport and dam break evolution.
  • the geostatistical analysis of the piezometric surfaces and of the geological strata bedding.
  • the landslide susceptibility at regional scale
  • the reclamation of the quarry activity at regional scale

Memberships: founding associate of the Italian association for the free geographic information: Gfoss.IT (

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