Landslide susceptibility assessment


A script for the R free software environment for statistical computing ( to perform, single and combined statistical assessments of landslide susceptibility, and related zonations.The script: (i) calibrates four separate landslide susceptibility (LS) models using linear discriminant analysis (LDA), quadratic discriminant analysis (QDA), logistic regression (LR), and a neural network (NN), (ii) merges the four single models into optimal combinations using logistic regression, (iii) determines the uncertainty associated with the susceptibility estimates, adopting a bootstrap re-sampling technique, (iv) measures the fitting performance and predictive skills of the single and the combined LS models, and (v) outputs the results in tabular (text files) and graphical (Adobe® Portable Document Format, pdf file) format. The script can be customized to analyze landslide susceptibility in different areas, provided adequate landslide and environmental information is available. The script was tested using slope units as the mapping unit of reference. Other types of mapping units (e.g., unique condition unit, hydro-morphological unit, grid cell, administrative unit), can be used without changing the script significantly. The script, was prepared by Mauro Rossi (

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