Estimation of probability of landslide area

The folder contains the pdf of a poster describing a script for the R free software environment for statistical computing ( to estimate the probability density of landslide area data, using three method: histogram estimation (HDE), kernel density estimation (KDE), and maximum likelihood estimation (MLE). The script estimates the parameter of three type of distribution used in the literature to describe landslide area distribution: Double Pareto, Simplified Double Pareto, Inverse Gamma. The tool is available through the web as WPS (Web Processing Services) using also open source GIS clients (e.g. QuantumGIS with WPS-Client plugin). Please cite: Rossi et al. 2012. A tool for the estimation of the distribution of landslide area in R. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 14, EGU2012-9438-1, 2012. For help, comments and suggestions, please refer to

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