The category of "Citizen" means individuals usually without specific knowledge relating to the phenomena of hydrogeological risk and hazard. a "citizen" is interested in focusing on specific topics, in restricted areas, for personal culture, or a specific and contingent interest.

For the citizen the easiest way to access data is to make use of the WebGIS service.

    For access to the WebGIS IRPI:

We have launched a collaborative (crowd) effort to collect information and data on where and when landslide, flood, and erosion events occur, or have occurred in the past. To contribute to this collaborative effort you do not need to be an expert in the field (i.e., a geologist, a geomorphologist, or an engineer) necessarily, although this may help you provide more detailed information, and us to obtain additional technical information on the event and its consequences.

    For access to this initiative, Geomorphological Watch:
    To make reports from iPhone to follow the iPhone guide.
    To make reports from Android to follow the Android guide.

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