Links to papers published in international or national journals in 2014.

Vennari C., Gariano S.L., Antronico L., Brunetti M.T., Iovine G., Peruccacci S., Terranova O., Guzzetti F. (2014) Rainfall thresholds for shallow landslides occurrence in Calabria, southern Italy. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 14, 317-330, doi:10.5194/nhess-14-317-2014, See also: Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussion, 1, 5141-5179, doi:10.5194/nhessd-1-5141-2013,


Santi E., Tarantino C., Amici V., Bacaro G., Blonda P., Borselli L., Rossi M., Tozzi S., Torri D. (2014) Fine-scale spatial distribution of biomass using satellite images. Journal of Ecology and the Natural Environment, 6(2), 75-86, doi: 10.5897/JENE2013.0416.


Mergili M., Marchesini I., Alvioli M., Metz M., Schneider-Muntau B., Rossi M., Guzzetti F. (2014) A strategy for GIS-based 3-D slope stability modelling over large areas. Geoscientific Model Development Discussion, 7, 5407-5445,, doi:10.5194/gmdd-7-5407-2014.

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