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EGU 2015

EGU General Assembly 2015, Vienna, Austria, 12 – 17 April 2015.
File Landslides on Earth, Mars, Moon and Mercury
M. T. Brunetti, Z. Xiao, G. Komatsu, S. Peruccacci, F. Fiorucci, M. Cardinali, M. Santangelo, and F. Guzzetti.
File Validation and evaluation of epistemic uncertainty in rainfall thresholds for regional scale landslide forecasting
Stefano Luigi Gariano, Maria Teresa Brunetti, Giulio Iovine, Massimo Melillo, Silvia Peruccacci, Oreste Giuseppe Terranova, Carmela Vennari, Fausto Guzzetti
File Maintenance and recovery of agricultural terraces to reduce geo-hydrological hazards: the Santa Giulia in Centaura (Liguria, Italy) and Valstagna (Veneto, Italy) case studies
Paola Giostrella, Francesco Ferrarese, Francesco Faccini, Pierluigi Brandolini, Riccardo Lazzeri, Massimo Melillo, Paolo Mozzi, Mauro Varotto, Paolo Tarolli, and Fausto Guzzetti
File Human-induced landscape changes and geo-hydrological risk: the Rupinaro catchment, Liguria, Italy
Paola Giostrella, Francesco Faccini, Roberto Maggi, Alessandro Cesare Mondini, Paolo Tarolli,and Fausto Guzzetti
File Taking advantage of the ESA G-POD service to study deformation processes in mountain areas
Andrea Manconi, Martina Cignetti, Francesca Ardizzone, Daniele Giordan, Paolo Allasia, Claudio De Luca, Michele Manunta, and Francesco Casu
File Effect of plant diversity on a set of soil characteristics relevant to soil erosion processes: an example from a biancana badland site (Siena Province, Central Italy)
Giovanni Bacaro, Elisa Santi, Francesca Vergari, Simona Maccherini, Mauro Rossi, Maurizio Del Monte, and Dino Torri
File Integration of landslide susceptibility products in the environmental plans
Federica Fiorucci, Paola Reichenbach, Mauro Rossi, Mauro Cardinali, and Fausto Guzzetti
File Geomorphological mapping of shallow landslides using UAVs
Federica Fiorucci, Daniele Giordan, Furio Dutto, Mauro Rossi and Fausto Guzzetti
File Approaches to communication in response to geo-hydrological risk: POLARIS an Italian web initiative.
Abstract prepared for the EOS12 session Geoscientists as communicators. Authors: P. Salvati, U. Pernice, C. Bianchi, F. Fiorucci, I. Marchesini, F. Guzzetti
File Seismic controls on contemporary sediment yields in Italy: the link with landslide susceptibility
Matthias Vanmaercke (1,2), Francesca Ardizzone (3), Mauro Rossi (3), and Fausto Guzzetti (3) (1) KU Leuven, Division of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Heverlee, Belgium, (2) Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), Brussels, Belgium, (3) CNR IRPI, Perugia, Italy