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Fatichenti, F., Melelli L., Alvioli, M. (2022). Mobilità e connessioni epidemiche tra aree interne e urbane in Umbria. In: Atlante Covid-19. Geografie del contagio in Italia. Edited by E. Casti and A. Riggio. Collana Atlanti, Casa editrice A.Ge.I. Roma. ISBN: 978-88-942641-4-2 eBook ISBN: 978-88-942641-6-6


Alvioli, M., Marchesini, I., Pokharel, B., Gnyawali, K., Lim, S. (2022). Geomorphological Slope Units of the Himalayas. Accepted for publication in Journal of Maps. (Maps and software available at the main slope unit project page:


Paola Salvati, Francesca Ardizzone, Mauro Cardinali, Federica Fiorucci, Federico Fugnoli, Fausto Guzzetti, Ivan Marchesini, Gianluca Rinaldi, Mauro Rossi, Michele Santangelo, Ivan Vujica: Acquiring vulnerability indicators to geo-hydrological hazards: An example of mobile phone-based data collection, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Volume 55, 2021, 102087, ISSN 2212-4209, (


Jia, G., Alvioli, M., Gariano, S.L., Marchesini, I., Guzzetti, F., Tang, Q (2021). A Global Landslide Non-Susceptibility Map. Geomorphology (in press)


López-Vinielles, J., Fernández-Merodo, J.A., Ezquerro, P., García-Davalillo, J. C., Sarro, R., Reyes-Carmona, C., Barra, A., Navarro, J. A., Krishnakumar, V., Alvioli, M., Herrera, G. (2021). Combining Satellite InSAR, Slope Units and Finite Element Modeling for Stability Analysis in Mining Waste Disposal Areas. Remote Sensing 13(10) 2008.


Article entitled "Rainfall and rockfalls in the Canary Islands: assessing a seasonal link" by Massimo Melillo, Stefano Luigi Gariano, Silvia Peruccacci, Roberto Sarro, Rosa Marìa Mateos, and Maria Teresa Brunetti published on the journal Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. DOI: . The article was prepared in collaboration with colleagues from the "Instituto Geológico y Minero de España" in the framework of the U-Geohaz project (Geohazard Impact Assessment for Urban Areas). The article was published open access and can be found at the following link:


Sarro, R., Mateos, R. M., Reichenbach, P., Aguilera, H., Riquelme, A., Hernández-Gutiérrez, L. E., Martín, A., Barra, A., Solari, L., Monserrat, O., Alvioli, M., Fernández-Merodo, J. A., López-Vinielles, J., Herrera, G., 2020. Geotechnics for rockfall assessment in the volcanic island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain). Journal of Maps 16(2), 605-613.


Santangelo, M., Marchesini, I., Bucci, F., Cardinali, M., Cavalli, M., Crema, S., Marchi, L., Alvioli, M., Guzzetti, F. (2020). Exposure to landslides in rural areas in Central Italy. Journal of Maps (in press).

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