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Geomorphology Research Group

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publicationsHere we list information on most of our publications in international and national journals, in the proceedings of international and national conferences, and in edited and multi-authored books. Reference information (authors, title, journal, volume year, ...) is available for all the publications. You can download the pdf file of some of the publications (e.g., papers in open access journals). Maps are also available for download as pdf of jpeg files. Should you need further information, or should you not be able to download a publication, you can write us.


You can browse through our publications by type (e.g., journals, proceedings, maps, edited books), by theme (e.g., landslide information and mapping, event description and analysis, landslide susceptibility and hazard, landslide risk, landslide types, landslide statistics, GIS and geo-databases, remote sensing, geomorphology, erosion and soil science), by the general geographical area and by year of publication.

Publications by Type

miafolder.gif Journals
miafolder.gif Proceedings
miafolder.gif Maps
miafolder.gif Editorial activities
miafolder.gif Edited books
miafolder.gif Abstracts
miafolder.gif Posters
miafolder.gif Book reviews
miafolder.gif Web
miafolder.gif Others
miafolder.gif Rapporti DPC


Publications by Theme

miafolder.gif Landslide identification and mapping
miafolder.gif Event description and analysis
miafolder.gif Landslide susceptibility and landslide hazard
miafolder.gif Landslide risk
miafolder.gif Landslides and their statistical properties
miafolder.gif Temporal analysis and forecasts
miafolder.gif Rainfall induced landslides
miafolder.gif Earthquake induced landslides
miafolder.gif Debris flow
miafolder.gif Rock fall
miafolder.gif Use of historical data
miafolder.gif GIS and Geo-Databases
miafolder.gif Remote sensing
miafolder.gif Geomorphology
miafolder.gif Soil science and erosion


Publications by Geographical Area

miafolder.gif Umbria, Italy
miafolder.gif Abruzzo, Italy
miafolder.gif Calabria, Italy
miafolder.gif Campania, Italy
miafolder.gif Emilia-Romagna, Italy
miafolder.gif Liguria, Italy
miafolder.gif Lombardy, Italy
miafolder.gif Marche, Italy
miafolder.gif Sicily, Italy
miafolder.gif Tuscany, Italy
miafolder.gif Veneto, Italy
miafolder.gif Italy
miafolder.gif Ardennes, Belgium
miafolder.gif Spain
miafolder.gif Europe
miafolder.gif Canada
miafolder.gif Darjeeling, India
miafolder.gif Soreq and Refaim valleys, Israel
miafolder.gif Mexico
miafolder.gif Taiwan
miafolder.gif New Mexico, USA
miafolder.gif Yosemite National Park, California, USA
miafolder.gif American Fork Canyon, Utah, USA
miafolder.gif Seattle, USA


Publications by Year

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017


We have published on these journals, listed in alphabetical order ...


A list of our publications, is available here ...


Additional information, available here ...

Gokceoglu and Sezer have published A statistical assessment on international landslide literature (1945–2008), (Landslides 6:4, 345-351, 2009, doi:10.1007/s10346-009-0166-3). The technical note measures the impact of different authors on the landslide literature. The work of our team is considered in the report.

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