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Geomorphology Research Group

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Browse our publications by "theme". Note 1: Several publications are listed in two or more "themes". Note 2: Not all our publications are listed here. For a list of our publications go to "home -> publications -> by type". Have fun.

Event description and analysis

Papers dealing with single triggers that have caused individual or multiple landslides

Event description and analysis - Read More…

Landslide susceptibility and landslide hazard

Papers dealing with landslide susceptibility evaluation and landslide hazard modeling.

Landslide susceptibility and landslide hazard - Read More…

Landslide risk

Papers dealing with landslide risk evaluation, including vulnerability to landslides.

Landslide risk - Read More…

Temporal analysis and forecasts

Papers dealing with the analysis of time series of landslides, and the temporal predictions of slope failures.

Temporal analysis and forecasts - Read More…

Rainfall induced landslides

Papers dealing with rainfall induced landslides, including the identification of rainfall thresholds for the possible initiation of landslides.

Rainfall induced landslides - Read More…

Earthquake induced landslides

Papers dealing with landslide susceptibility evaluation and landslide hazard modeling.

Earthquake induced landslides - Read More…

Debris flow

Papers dealing with the identification and mapping of debris flows, and debris flow hazard and risk assessment.

Debris flow - Read More…

Rock fall

Publications on rock fall modeling, hazard assessment and risk evaluation.

Rock fall - Read More…

Use of historical data

Papers discussing the compilation and use of historical information and data for landslide and flood hazards, vulnerability and risk assessment.

Use of historical data - Read More…

GIS and GeoDatabases

Papers dealing with the construction and use of GIS systems and GeoDatabases for various geological and geomorphological applications.

GIS and GeoDatabases - Read More…

Remote sensing

Papers dealing with the application of remote sensing data and technologies for geomorphological applications, chiefly landslide detection, landslide monitoring, and landslide susceptibility assessment.

Remote sensing - Read More…


Papers dealing with general geomorphology issues, including morphometry, and the geomorphology of landslides.

Geomorphology - Read More…


Papers dealing with general geological issues.

Geology - Read More…

Soil science and erosion

Papers dealing with soil science, and erosion studies.

Soil science and erosion - Read More…