Landslide at Nuvole di Morra

Photographs of a rather large, deep seated, mostly translational landslide at "Nuvole di Morra", in the Città di Catsello Municipality, Umbria Region, central Italy. The landslide was triggered by prolonged and heay rainfall on 10 December 2005. Photographs taken by Fausto Guzzetti, Mirco Galli and Mauro Cardinali in the afternoon of 12 December 2005. A separate folder shows photographs taken by Bruce Malamud and fausto Guzzetti on 21 may 2006. Map shows the approximate location of the landslide, and a pre-existing landslide inventory map prepared at 1:10,000 scale. The new landslide appears to be chiefly a reactivation of pre-exisiting landslide deposits. However, areas never affected by old landslides are also affected by the new slope movement.

Rainfall data

Rainfall data for 4 stations and for the period from september to december 2005. Provided by the Department of Civil Protection, Rome.