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The full reference for the paper is: Vessia G., Parise M., Brunetti M.T., Peruccacci S., Rossi M., Vennari C., Guzzetti F. (2014) Automated reconstruction of rainfall events responsible for shallow landslides. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussion, 2(4), 2869–2890, doi:10.5194/nhessd-2-2869-2014. The paper is available for free download and comments @


The paper entitled "Assessing the influence of morpho-structural setting on landslide abundance" by Ivan Marchesini, Michele Santangelo, Fausto Guzzetti, Mauro Cardinali & Francesco Bucci was accepted for publication in the special issue of "Georisk" on "Methods and Models for spatial and temporal variability in soil and rock characterization. Designing, management and related hazards".


New paper entitled " Taking advantage of the ESA G-POD service to study ground deformation processes in high mountain areas: the Valle d’Aosta case study, northern Italy " by Martina Cignetti *, Andrea Manconi, Michele Manunta, Daniele Giordan, Claudio De Luca, Paolo Allasia, and Francesca Ardizzone accepted for publication in the journal Remote Sensing.


New paper entitled "Impact of event landslides on road networks: a statistical analysis of two Italian case studies" by Donnini M., Napolitano E., Salvati P., Ardizzone F., Bucci F., Fiorucci F., Santangelo M., Cardinali M., Guzzetti F. accepted for publication in the journal Landslide

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