PREVIEW address the definition, the development and the validation in pre-operational conditions of information services to support the management in all phases (Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery) of: Windstorms, Forest fires, Plain floods and Flash floods, Earthquake & Volcanic risks, Landslides and Industrial accidents. Based on the review of the operational needs and of the existing research assets, a Portfolio of Services is defined in close cooperation with end-users. Research developments are performed to transfer the most promising available results and blocks to operational use. The information services are developed, tested and validated at European scale with operational users on pilot test sites. A long term deployment plan of these services is established, proposing the best scenarios and programmatic for their European operational deployment and organization. PREVIEW is organised in "hazard service platforms", each platform being managed with flexibility as a sub-project dedicated to the development of methodologies and services related to a given type of hazard. For best project efficiency, these platforms are further grouped into "clusters" depending on the possible teaming synergies. PREVIEW is led by the EURORISK Consortium, a multi-disciplinary European Team of committing Actors of the domain: Civil Protections and Environmental Bodies; Scientific communities and Service operators, at national and regional level, for Meteorology, Hydrology, Seismology, Vulcanology and GIS services based on Space data; and Industry. The project is organised around a core team of partners coming from 6 countries and from European organisations, leading all the project activities according to a common methodology and performing the necessary transverse actions to ensure the harmonisation, the standardisation and the global and long term view of the resulting services. Additional local partners are also associated to the project to bring their unique or recognized expertises on specific methodologies and technologies, to involve the necessary national and regional actors able to adapt the developed services to local specificities or to interface with on-going projects of interest for PREVIEW. Our team is part of the gophysical cluster platform, and it is involved in the landslide platform. We intend to contribute to the exploitmen of EO technology for landslides detecstion, monitoring, hazard assessment and risk evaluation. PREVIEW is an integrated project (PI) financed by the European Commission 6th Framework Programme.

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