Papers published in international or national journals in 2018.

Alvioli M., Melillo M., Guzzetti F., Rossi F., Palazzi E., von Hardenberg J., Brunetti M. T., Peruccacci S. (2018). Implications of climate change on landslide hazard in Central Italy. Science of the Total Environment, 630, 1528-1543.


Fiorucci, F., Giordan, D., Santangelo, M., Dutto, F., Rossi, M., and Guzzetti, F.: Criteria for the optimal selection of remote sensing optical images to map event landslides, Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 18, 405-417,, 2018. This paper describes the criteria for the optimal selection of remote sensing images to map event landslides, discussing the ability of monoscopic and stereoscopic VHR satellite images and ultra-high-resolution UAV images to resolve the landslide photographical and morphological signatures. The findings can be useful to decide on the optimal imagery and technique to be used when planning the production of a landslide inventory map.

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