Papers published in proceedings of the year 2003.

Guzzetti F., Aleotti P., Malamud B.D. & Turcotte D.L. (2003) Comparison of three landslide events in central and northern Italy. In: Jansà A. & Romero R. (eds.), Proceedings 4th Plinius Conference on Mediterranean Storms, Mallorca, Spain, Universitat de Illes Baleares, CD-ROM, ISBN 84-7632-792-7.


Bathurst J.C., Crosta G., Marcía-Ruiz J.M., Guzzetti F., Lenzi M. & Ríos Aragűés S. (2003) DAMOCLES: Debrisfall Assessment in Mountain Catchments for Local End-users. Proceedings 3rd International Conference on Debris flow hazards mitigation: Mechanics, prediction and assessment, Davos, 10-12 September 2003, Vol. 2, 1073-1083.

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