LAND-deFeND database structure


LANDslides and Floods National Database” (LAND-deFeND) is a new database structure able to store, organize and manage in a single digital structure spatial information on historical landslides and floods – collectively called “geo-hydrological hazards" - collected with different accuracy from various sources.

The scope of LAND-deFeND is to manage in a single standardized structure spatial information on landslide and flood events collected at different geographical scales and by different institutions and organizations.

Details on the conceptual, logical and physical implementation of the database structure have been included in a recently submitted manuscript.



The LAND-deFeND database structure is available as a binary database dump file of the PostgreSQL DBMS at the following link: LAND-deFeND.

A QGIS (version 2.18) project, to be used as a possible data-entry interface, is also provided in the download file. The QGIS project assumes that the database structure is running on the same machine of the PostgreSQL server.



A PostgreSQL server with PostGIS extension must be up and running on the machine where the database structure is restored. PgAdmin is also required for those that are not able to restore a PostgreSQL database from command line.



This LAND-deFeND is made available under the Open Database License:

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