Recent papers

Here we list the most recent publications of members of the group ...

Vecoli M., Delabroye A., Spina A., Hints O. (2011) Cryptospore assemblages from Upper Ordovician (Katian–Hirnantian) strata of Anticosti Island, Québec, Canada, and Estonia: Palaeophytogeographic and palaeoclimatic implications. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 166 (2011) 76–93, doi:10.1016/j.revpalbo.2011.05.006.


Witt A., Malamud B.D., Rossi M., Guzzetti F., Peruccacci S. (2010) Temporal correlation and clustering of landslides. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Vol. 35, Issue 10, 1138-1156, doi: 10.1002/esp.1998.


Guzzetti F., Reichenbach P. (2010) Rockfalls and their hazard. In: Stoffel M., Bollschweiler M., Butler D.R., Luckman B.H. (eds.) Tree Rings and Natural Hazards: A State-of-the-Art. Advances in Global Change Research 41, Springer, Heidelberg, London, New York, 129-137. ISBN 978-90-481-8735-5, e-ISBN 978-90-481-8736-2, doi 10.1007/978-90-481-8736-2.


Brunetti, M.T., Guzzetti F. & Rossi, M. (2009) Probability distributions of landslide volumes. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, Vol. 16, 179–188,


Galli M., Ardizzone F., Cardinali M., Guzzetti F. & Reichenbach P. (2008) Comparing landslide inventory maps. Geomorphology, Vol. 94, 268 - 289.

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