Recent papers

Here we list the most recent publications of members of the group ...

Malamud B.D., Turcotte D.L., Guzzetti F. & Reichenbach P. (2004) Landslides, earthquakes and erosion. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. Vol. 229, 45-59.


Carrara A., Cardinali M., Guzzetti F., Reichenbach P. (1995) GIS technology in mapping landslide hazard. In: Carrara A., Guzzetti F. (eds.), Geographical Information Systems in Assessing Natural Hazards. Kluwer Academic Publisher, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 135-175, ISBN-10: 0792335023, ISBN-13: 9780792335023.


De Vita P. & Reichenbach P., with contributions by Bathurst J.C., Borga M., Crosta G., Crozier M., Glade T., Guzzetti F., Hansen A., Wasowski J. (1998) Rainfall-triggered landslides: a reference list. Environmental Geology, Vol. 35: 2-3, 219-233.

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