EGU 2012 General Assembly

European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, 2012
  • When 22 Apr, 2012 12:00 AM to 27 Apr, 2012 12:00 AM (Europe/Rome / UTC200)
  • Where Vienna, Austria
  • Attendees TBD
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Please follows our oral and poster presentations:

Tuesday, 24 Apr 2012

NH3.5 - Advanced methods in landslides research I: remote sensing and geophysics

Poster XY245, EGU2012-4319 - Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Landslides Through the SBAS-DInSAR Approach: the Ivancich, Assisi, test case. F. Ardizzone, M.G. Angeli, F. Calò, R. Castaldo, F. Federica, F. Guzzetti, P. Lollino, A. Manconi, M. Manunta, M. Manzo, M. Cardinali, L. Paglia, F. Pontoni, P. Reichenbach, M. Rossi, and P. Tizzani

SSS5.8 - Models and scaling: Assessing impact of climate change and land management on erosion and sediment dynamics

Poster XY592, EGU2012-11100 - Solid discharge and landslide activity at basin scale. F. Ardizzone, F. Guzzetti, C. Iadanza, M. Rossi, D. Spizzichino, and A. Trigila.

Wednesday, 25 Apr 2012

GM2.4 - Complexity and nonlinearity in Earth surface processes – Concepts, methods and applications

Poster XL127, EGU2012-9438 - A tool for the estimation of the distribution of landslide area in R. M. Rossi, M. Cardinali, F. Fiorucci, I. Marchesini, A.C. Mondini, M. Santangelo, S. Ghosh, D.E.L. Riguer, T. Lahousse, K.T. Chang, and F. Guzzetti.

NH3.6 - Advanced methods in landslides research II: modelling

Poster XY223, EGU2012-8057 - A three-dimensional slope stability model based on GRASS GIS and its application to the Collazzone area, Central Italy. M. Mergili, I. Marchesini, W. Fellin, M. Rossi, S. Raia, and F. Guzzetti.

NH3.8 - Prediction and forecasting of landslides

Poster XY242, EGU2012-4315 - Influence of topography and soil type on rainfall thresholds for the possible initiation of shallow landslides in central Italy. S. Peruccacci, M.T. Brunetti, S. Luciani, C. Vennari, F. Ungaro, M.C. Calzolari, and F. Guzzetti.

Poster XY241, EGU2012-7564 - Rainfall thresholds for the possible initiation of shallow landslides in the Italian Alps. M.T. Brunetti, S. Peruccacci, S. Luciani, D. Bartolini, S.L. Gariano, M.R. Palladino, G. Vessia, A. Viero, L. Antronico, A.M. Deganutti, G. Iovine, F. Luino, M. Parise, and F. Guzzetti.

Poster XY240, EGU2012-14188 - DORIS downstream service: a support to civil defence autorithies in landslides and subsidence risk management. A Ciampalini, C Del Ventisette, S Moretti, M Manunta, F Calò, L Paglia, F Ardizzone, F Guzzetti, M Rossi, F Bellotti, D Colombo, T Strozzi, U Wegmuller, O Mora, and F Sanches.

Thursday, 26 Apr 2012

HS10.6 - The role of rainfall and soil water in shaping land-vegetation-atmosphere interactions

Poster A229, EGU2012-9354 - Comparison of TRMM satellite rainfall estimates with rain gauge data and landslide empirical rainfall thresholds under different morphological and climatological conditions in Italy. M. Rossi, D. Kirschbaum, S. Luciani, and F. Guzzetti.

NH3.7 - Large slope instabilities: characterisation, dating, triggering, monitoring and modelling

Poster XY477, EGU2012-6003 - Kinematic evolution of the Ivancich landslide: analysis, characterization and numerical modelling. P. Lollino, M.G. Angeli, F. Ardizzone, F. Calò, M. Cardinali, R. Castaldo, F. Fiorucci, F. Guzzetti, A. Manconi, M. Manunta, M. Manzo, L. Paglia, F. Pontoni, P. Reichenbach, M. Rossi, and P. Tizzani.

NH3.11 - Landslide hazard and risk assessment, and landslide management

Oral EGU2012-7920 - Landslide risk to the population and its temporal and geographical variation in Italy. P. Salvati, C. Bianchi, M. Rossi, and F. Guzzetti.

Poster XY499, EGU2012-12457 - Morpho-structural influences on landslide pattern and distribution: Grass GIS tool application. M. Santangelo, F. Bucci, M. Cardinali, I. Marchesini, M. Rossi, and F. Guzzetti.

NH9.12 - Modelling of dangerous phenomena, and innovative techniques for hazard evaluation and risk mitigation

Poster XY616, EGU2012-2764 - Generalizing a complex model for gully threshold identification in the Mediterranean environment. D. Torri, L. Borselli, P. Iaquinta, G. Iovine, J. Poesen, and O. Terranova.

SSS13.3 - Modeling the experiment, experimenting the models - combining rain and wind to soil erosion

Poster Z159, EGU2012-1373 - Investigation on sediment erosion and water runoff by means of simulated rainfall in Calabria (southern Italy). L. Antronico, O. Terranova, and D. Torri.

TS1.1 Open Session: Tectonics and Structural Geology

Poster A427, EGU2012-11423 - Low Angle Extensional Faults in a Thrusting/Compressive Regime. F. Bucci, R. Novellino, I. Adurno, E. Gueguen, F. Guzzetti, M. Cardinali, E. Tavarnelli, P. Guglielmi, and G. Prosser

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